Who Benefits?

Thinking about my project and what I’m trying to accomplish, I took a second to ask myself who would really benefit from teachers and parents being connected? I don’t think that there is one clear answer. The most important person to benefit would be the student. Having teachers and parents connected would create this unifying umbrella under which the child would find better conditions to learn. The parents may be able to help more, or at least know what’s going on in the classroom. Parents would be able to stay connected, and they could guide their child by making sure that they teach them time management and other skills that are necessary in school. The parents themselves would also benefit. They wouldn’t have to worry that their kids aren’t filling them in on assignments at school. They are creating a bond with the teacher, making them more likely to say something if they have a concern or a question about the classroom. Though it may seem less clear because it’s more work, the teacher would also benefit. Parents could be reinforcing some of the projects at home, making the teacher less stressed about holding the students accountable to give their parents a letter or let them know what’s going on in the classroom. Teachers can also explain the projects in better detail to the parents, making things more clear and less likely to have confusion. Having parents to be able to supplement what the teacher is teaching in class would also help the teacher by reinforcing concepts. Overall, many people have a lot to gain from this parent/teacher communication using social media.