Starting my 20% Project

When the project was assigned, I was really trying to think about a topic where what I learned would be beneficial for me after this class. In a previous assignment, I had discussed my passion to become a high school counselor, and how I could change the way students were connected to their counselors through the use of social media. That idea formed into the concept of using forms of social media to connect the teachers and parents of classrooms, especially in an elementary setting. Now that I have my focus, I have come up with goals that I plan to answer throughout this project:

Do some teachers use social media now to communicate to parents?

What social media tool would be the best for this type of communication?

What school policies affect the use of social media, and how can teachers make sure they are using social media effectively?

How do teachers make sure that they can connect with all parents, even the ones who may not have access to social media?

I hope to find answers to all of these questions, and maybe these will prompt even more questions that I haven’t even considered yet.


One thought on “Starting my 20% Project

  1. What I really like about your 20% Project topic, is that it isn’t something a topic most people think of, but it is absolutely something that most people would agree is an extremely useful and relevant idea. I have two younger sisters, and my parents have always struggled to get as much information as possible concerning their schooling, and what was going on in their classes. My sisters have often needed extra help at school, and due to limited communication between teachers, counsellors, and my parents, they have sometimes not received the help that they needed. Perhaps having a better way to communicate would have helped keep both parties informed about what was going on in and out of school, and my parents would have been able to keep track of everything that was going on more easily. My mom would often send my youngest sister’s teacher important emails that would not get a response until much later on. Of course, there have been other issues at play that have made communication difficult, but I think that using social media would have helped immensely. If you aren’t a person who check their email often, social media may be the best way to communicate. We are already on it so often that it would be quicker and more efficient to communicate on a social platform. I think it would be really cool to see parents and teachers communicating through social media, and I wonder how communication would be organized (Facebook groups, Twitter pages, Google+ accounts?) if social media communication becomes more common.

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